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Halal Restaurants in Newcastle

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If you plan to visit Newcastle and look for halal food, you are in luck! This city has many tasty options, from Middle Eastern dishes to South Asian flavours.

Best of all, you do not have to worry about breaking dietary rules.

Why is this important?

Because food is more than just eating; it is a way to learn about different cultures. Also, the halal food scene in Newcastle has grown in the last year!

So, get ready to enjoy some fantastic food. Newcastle has something for everyone.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Newcastle

1. Al Sham Restaurant – Famous for Succulent Chicken Arabi

Al Sham Restaurant is a must-visit if you are in Newcastle and looking for a truly memorable dining experience. As you step in, you are greeted by the most friendly staff. The restaurant is highly recommended for its fantastic service.


Regarding the menu, variety is the spice of life here. Yes, they do offer vegetarian-friendly dishes and even vegan options.

The hummus and mixed grill come in generous portions, ideal for sharing, and if you are a fan of lamb, the aubergine lamb maklouba is top-notch—so juicy and tender.

The Chicken Arabi is an absolute delight for chicken lovers, impressive with its perfect balance of flavours.

What’s more, if you would rather enjoy their excellent food from the comfort of your home, they do deliver, and your food will be delivered straight to your door in no time.

2. Lezzet Restaurant – Famous for Mixed Grill and Baklava

If you find yourself in Newcastle, take advantage of Lezzet Restaurant, easily one of Newcastle’s best halal restaurants. You are enveloped by a very welcoming environment when you walk in.


Service here is top-notch, making you feel like the only customer.

When it comes to the food, it is simply outstanding. The hummus and bread are served fresh, offering a delightful flavour combo that starts your meal off right.

The mixed grill is now generous and divine, a proper feast for meat lovers. And if you have got a sweet tooth, the baklava is pure perfection.

Yes, the menu is halal, and vegan options are also available. Families particularly enjoy the atmosphere, and kids are more than welcome. Accessibility? The restaurant is wheelchair-friendly.

And off-road parking is available for those driving, making your visit all the more convenient.

Halal Restaurants in Newcastle Upon Tyne

1. Red Mezze Newcastle – Best for Outstanding 2-Course Lunch Menu

If a hearty lunch in Newcastle is what you. are after, look no further than Red Mezze. This place has become a local favourite over the years, primarily for its 2-course lunch menu offering incredible value for money.


Service here generally is quite good, although there have been some recent issues. You can count on the food being brilliant, and they a

re particularly attentive regarding food allergies.

The restaurant has confirmed its halal menu so that you can dine worry-free.

However, not everyone has been thrilled with their takeaway orders, so dine-in might be the way to go for the best experience.

If you do not feel like going out, takeaway can be ordered through Deliveroo. So, why stop by for lunch if you are in town?

2. Chilli Padi Newcastle  – Famous for Its Kueh Teow Goreng 

Regarding East Asian cuisine in Newcastle, Chilli Padi is an absolute winner. First, if you like spice, you are in the right place. The restaurant is well-known for its flavours, and the Kueh Teow Goreng is amazing.


The Tom Yum Soup has also received high praise, so that is another must-try.

Yes, they serve halal food and offer vegan options, making it an excellent spot for diverse dining. Portion sizes are generous, so bring your appetite.

Drink service might lag slightly on busy days, but it is a minor glitch in an otherwise stellar dining experience.

One drawback is that they only accept cash payments, so make sure you are prepared for that. And takeaway is an option if you would rather enjoy their fare from the comfort of your home. 

3. Fat Hippo – Famous for Towering, Moreish Burgers

If you are hunting for top-notch burgers in the heart of Newcastle, look no further than Fat Hippo. The burgers are something else, and if you love fries and ‘slaw, you are in luck.


The purple ‘slaw and the gigantic onion rings are especially a must-try. Also, the chicken is halal, but the beef isn’t, so keep that in mind if you are searching for halal food places in Newcastle.

The place is kid-friendly, offering colouring activities to entertain the little ones.

It’s also vegan and vegetarian-friendly, so everyone in the family can find something to munch on. The only downside is the need for a dessert menu, although their milkshakes are a tasty alternative.

Service is friendly, and there is disabled access for those who need it. Parking? You can find a spot on Shakespeare St. 

Halal Steak Near Me in Newcastle

1. Rio Brazilian Steakhouse – Famous for a Tasty Meat

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse should be right up your street if you are a meat lover.


The place is a carnivore’s dream with various choices like Brazilian sausages, steaks, chicken wings, and even minted lamb. Yes, the meat is halal, so you are all good on that line.

Service is top-notch, and they keep bringing the meat to your table, so you will feel thoroughly spoilt compared to Birmingham’s halal restaurants.

The atmosphere is buzzing but gets a little cramped, especially around the buffet area if it’s busy. 

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Newcastle

1. Chaiiwala Newcastle – Famous for Chai and Snacks

If you are looking for quality chai and savoury bites, Chaiiwala in Newcastle has your back.


Established in New Delhi in 1927, it is a top hangout spot in town, primarily known for its Karak Chai and Butter Chicken Roll.

The menu is diverse, offering anything from the best halal breakfast places in Birmingham to a range of Indian snacks like Chicken Tikka Naan and Cream Cheese Parantha.

Trust me, it tastes miles better than other halal restaurants in Newcastle.

While the food is spot on, they could definitely up their game in the drinks section and customer service.

You might find the soft drinks options a bit limiting and do not expect an immediate refund if you change your mind about an order. However, they accept all major debit & credit cards, so no worries.

The only downside might be the self-service cutlery, but that is a minor hiccup. 

2. Moulin Rouge Cafe and Grill – Famous for Persian Cuisine

Not only do they serve an excellent English breakfast, but their Persian offerings are out of this world.


Trust me, once you try their Persian specials, you will wonder why you have been settling for anything less. They offer dine-in, takeaway, and delivery, so all your bases are covered.

The rice here is likely the fluffiest you will ever eat, and it is far from greasy.

Pair that with their fresh salads, and you have a meal. But pay attention to their halal burger in Newcastle; even as a first-time order, it’s an easy 5-star dish.

The veggie platter and kebabs are top-notch, with the freshest flatbread you can ask for. Round it with some Persian tea, and you are in for a proper feast.

You will want to eat here again because of the reasonably priced and incredible staff.

Halal Chinese Restaurant Newcastle

1. Yo Yo Noodle Newcastle

Look no further than Yo Yo Noodle in Newcastle if you are after something a bit different but utterly delicious.


It’s like the Subway of noodle joints – you get to pick your noodles, meat, veggies, and sauce and watch the lovely staff whip it all up in a wok right before you.

Whether you are a Thai Prawn Vermicelli fan or want a halal-friendly beef dish, they have got you sorted. Yes, all their meat is halal, just like the options you would find at a halal Chinese restaurant in Manchester!

It is a bit pricier, but once you are done eating, you will realize it’s well spent.

Your food arrives piping hot, and you can eat or take it away. 

2. JJ’s Cafe Malaysian – Famous for Malaysian Food

If you are in Newcastle and desire an authentic Malaysian meal, you would be hard-pressed to find a better spot than JJ’s Cafe.


A lovely Malaysian couple runs this place and nails it with flavour and authenticity. You have got to try the rojak and Mee Siam; they are just packed with flavour.

Everything on the menu is spot-on, from stir-fried noodles to Nasi Goreng Kampung and okra curry.

The chef’s accommodating, too – give them a bell if you want to adjust spice levels or make your dish vegetarian.

And if you cannot make it down, they offer delivery and takeout. I  would recommend the Thali and Nasi Lemak. 

Halal Restaurants Newcastle Quayside

1. Aneesa’s Buffet Restaurant – Best for Diverse Menu

Are you looking for a hearty feed in Newcastle? Aneesa’s Buffet Restaurant is a solid bet.


The place is renowned for a mixed bag of Indian, Chinese, and even a dash of English cuisine. Perfect for big groups and family do’s, especially with their more than accommodating staff.

I celebrated a mate’s birthday here, and they pulled out all the stops.

The food, primarily halal, is rather tasty and plentiful. There is something for everyone, from kebabs to stir fry and even a cheeky pizza. 

Space is not an issue here; they have a decent car park and free parking after 6 p.m.

The restaurant is roomy enough, and you will not feel crammed in. 

2. Sambuca Quayside – Famous for Italian Food

If you like Italian food near the river, go to Sambuca. It is a friendly place with lovely staff. Thomas and his team are excellent. 


The food is delicious. We tried a set menu for £24.95 with steak and salmon, and it was cooked just right. They have options if you can’t eat gluten. Do not worry about where to park; they have their car park.

The view of the river is excellent, and they have good deals for lunch.

They even have a carvery on Sundays. The only minor thing is that the music could be better. 

Halal Restaurants in Newcastle City Centre

1. Dabbawal High Bridge – A Must-Visit for Amazing Street Food

Dabbawal on High Bridge is the place to go for top-notch street food. I have been there a couple of times, and it never disappoints.


The staff are always friendly, and the atmosphere is buzzing. We popped in on a busy Saturday and still found a spot for us. I ordered the chef’s unique, and it was ace.

And if you are wondering, the food is halal-certified. Parking is limited, just a few spots in front, but do not let that put you off.

You rarely find a place this good. I wish there were one like it back home. I highly recommend it, no doubt about it.

Halal Restaurants in Newcastle FAQs

Is haveli Newcastle restaurant halal?

Yes, all meat served at Haveli Newcastle restaurant is halal.


Newcastle offers a diverse range of dining options for those seeking halal food.

From great kebabs to delicious curries, the city is brimming with certified halal meat restaurants.

Whether you are out with family or friends, you will find a halal restaurant in Newcastle that satisfies your taste buds and adheres to Islamic dietary laws.

So go ahead, explore and enjoy the halal delicacies that Newcastle has to offer.

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