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Exciting times are upon us in the world of halal dining! The halal market globally is growing, showing impressive growth.

Now, that growth brings a lovely variety of halal culinary options right to our doorstep.

Forget traveling to London for a halal dinner; Milton Keynes is the new hotspot! This lively city is now home to a range of restaurants offering halal meals.

From the luxurious taste of Wagyu beef to the traditional delight of Dolmadas, there is something for everyone.

Check out the top halal restaurants in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre for an unforgettable dining experience.

Best Halal Restaurant Near Me In Milton Keynes

1. Fat Twins MK – Famous for Juicy Burgers

In Milton Keynes, Fat Twins MK is a gem for burger fans, rivalling some of the best halal burger places in London.


It is all about the burgers here, and yes, they are halal.

Families love it, especially the kids who cannot get enough of the juicy burgers. It’s a posh McDonald’s with a comfy setting and friendly vibes.

The big talk is about their Fat Twin Burger and Chipotle Smash. Their wings? Crispy but a tad overcooked.

Do you want some fancy chips? Go for the chilli or cheesy ones. And make sure to take advantage of their special Karak tea chai.

No need to book in advance; get in. Even people from Oxford who do not have Fat Twins are big fans. The burgers here are a real treat, not your everyday burger at all. 

2. Melis – Famous For Warm Hospitality

At Melis in Milton Keynes, the talk is all about their delicious, authentic dishes. Yes, they serve halal food – a fact clearly visible on the premises.


It is a hit with locals and visitors, perfect after a day out, say, at a theme park. No worries if you have not booked; even on a busy Bank Holiday, you might get lucky with a table.

The lamb shish with rice and salad is a must-try, and the bread served before meals is a real treat. Customers love dining both inside and outdoors, enjoying the incredible views and the welcoming vibe.

The service is top-notch, with staff like the young waitress who makes everyone, especially kids, feel at home.

And yes, Melis offers delivery through Uber Eats so that you can enjoy their delicious offerings from the comfort of your home. 

3. Olive Tree Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant

Olive Tree, a standout among halal restaurants in Milton Keynes, offers the same experience as dining at a halal Turkish restaurant in London with its authentic Turkish Mediterranean cuisine.


 Yes, the food here is halal, catering to a wide range of diners.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, perfect for family dinners or special occasions like birthdays. 

Service is speedy, and staff, like Bianka, are incredibly friendly, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The menu offers generous portions – the two-person sharing platter is a must-try, alongside the homemade and Turkish lemonade. Even the rice here gets special mention for its flavour!

For those driving, parking is conveniently available right outside. 

4. Bollywood Junction UK –  Famous For Indian Food

Bollywood Junction in Milton Keynes stands out for its authentic Indian flavours and excellent service. Yes, they serve halal meat, making it a great choice for diversity.


The experience begins with appetizers like panipuri and tandoori chicken.

Main courses, particularly the thali meal, are generously portioned and boast a collection of dishes like chicken fried rice, chicken 65, and both butter and garlic naan.

While some regulars have noted a slight drop in quality for specific menu items, the restaurant remains a favourite in MK.

Booking in advance is recommended – at least 12 hours prior to ensure a spot. 

5. German Doner Kebab – Known for Quality Kebabs

German Doner Kebab, a favourite in Milton Keynes, is celebrated for its delicious kebabs and speedy service.


Yes, their meat is 100% certified halal, catering to a diverse customer base.

Whether it is a Saturday night or any other day, expect your order to be delivered swiftly and your family to be pleased.

Vegetarians are included, with clearly marked ‘V’ options like kebabs or boxes.

What sets GDK apart is the exceptional customer care. Staff like Ellie are attentive, quickly addressing any concerns, such as replacing slightly cold doner meat without hesitation.

Their menu has something for everyone, from Doner spring rolls to a variety of fries, including flaming, curry, and cheesy fries. 

6. Banana Tree Milton Keynes

Banana Tree in Milton Keynes is making waves for its authentic halal food in Milton Keynes style.


Yes, their menu is fully Halal, and they also offer an impressive variety of vegan dishes. It is not just about the food here; the atmosphere is relaxed, and the staff, particularly Tina, are a highlight with their outstanding service.

Customers talk about the variety and quality of the dishes.

The restaurant is also a hit for those looking for a vegan meal, ensuring no egg or prawn crackers in their vegan options.
Cocktails are a big attraction, too, especially with their 2-for-1 deals. 

7. Pepe’s – Famous for its Peri Peri Chicken

Pepe’s Peri Peri in Milton Keynes has become a local favourite, comparable to some of the best halal food places in Bradford, primarily known for its juicy, flavourful chicken. 


Indeed, their food is halal, making it a go-to spot for many.

The chicken here is not just tasty; it is a culinary delight – tender, bursting with spices, and perfectly complemented by their signature sauces.

Customers love the well-rounded meal options, like the rice with grilled chicken, and praise the value for money, especially with family meals. 

Pepe’s is about more than just great food; they have plenty of parking, and seating is ample with both downstairs and upstairs options. 

Booking a table in advance is recommended to ensure you do not take advantage of it, particularly during busy times.

Halal Pakistani Restaurants Near Me In Milton Keynes

1. Mezbaan Restaurant – Best Chapli Kabab

Mezbaan Restaurant in Milton Keynes is a place that truly stands out for its authentic flavours and generous portions. Yes, it is a halal restaurant catering to various tastes. 


Customers are impressed with the variety and quality of dishes, ranging from Chapli kebabs and Nihari to Shahi Kheer and Gulab Jamun for desserts.

The Tandoori chicken wings and Masala fries are particularly noted for their perfect seasoning. However, opinions vary, with some visitors finding certain dishes like the Papri chaat and Chicken karahi less satisfying, both in portion size and taste.

Yes, Mezbaan offers delivery services, which are available through Uber Eats.

It is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment, as the restaurant can get busy. 

2. Sizzling Grillz – Famous for Its Lamb Dishes

Sizzling Grillz in Milton Keynes has made a name for itself with its mouth-watering lamb dishes. Their food is halal, catering to a diverse clientele. 

Sizzling Grillz

The restaurant’s environment is clean and welcoming, with staff like Ruth and Angelie receiving special mentions for their friendly and professional service.

The starters and mains are noted for being perfectly cooked and brimming with flavour, especially when enjoyed fresh on-site rather than as a takeaway.

Regarding parking, it’s available just across the road, making it convenient for visitors.

3. Namji Xscape – Renowned for Butter Chicken

Namji Xscape in Milton Keynes is highly praised for its superb butter chicken, among other dishes. The restaurant serves halal meat, making it a popular choice for various diners.


Customers have shared their delightful experiences, from company Christmas parties to casual family dinners, highlighting the friendly and accommodating staff.

The menu offers a wide range of choices, including vegan options, and the restaurant allows customers to bring their alcoholic drinks as they do not have a drinks licence.

Standout dishes like fish pakora, chilli paneer, and garlic prawns are frequently mentioned in reviews.

While the prices are higher, the quality of food justifies the cost. However, there were instances of dishes being served cold. 

Parking is conveniently available around Xscape Milton Keynes, adding to the ease of visiting Namji.

Halal Takeaways Near Me in Milton Keynes

1. Al Fairoz Kebabish

Al Fairoz Kebabish is well-known among halal places to eat in Milton Keynes for its live-cooked dishes and freshly made naan bread. Yes, all the food here is halal, certified by an Islamic organization. 


The restaurant is famous for party orders, with customers appreciating the timely delivery and sufficient quantities for events like birthdays. 

The atmosphere is generally described as welcoming, with excellent service and a willingness to cater to customer requests, like using less oil.

However, there have been concerns regarding the freshness of certain dishes, like chicken fried rice, and customer service in response to complaints.

Parking is typically available around the busy area, and the restaurant is wheelchair accessible, with no stairs to navigate. 

2. Sultans – Best for Turkish Cuisine 

Sultans in Milton Keynes have carved out a niche with authentic Turkish cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere.


All their food is halal, making it a popular choice for those seeking halal dining options. 

The staff, including Ahsan and Ritvik, are known for their warm and friendly service. Dine-in is an option at Sultans, making it ideal for various occasions, from pre-theatre meals to birthday celebrations.

The complimentary bread, dips, and a range of delicious starters like garlic prawns and falafel set the stage for a memorable meal. And for those who do not drink alcohol, a good selection of mocktails is available. 

Halal Buffet Near Me in Milton Keynes

1. Mk Buffet Village

MK Buffet Village, known for its extensive all-you-can-eat buffet, is a hit in Milton Keynes. Their beef, chicken, and lamb dishes are halal, offering a wide variety for all tastes.


The restaurant boasts a vast selection, including a live grill, pizza, and ice cream counters, enhancing the dining experience.

It is also a great spot for vegetarians, with many clearly labelled dishes. As for parking, it can be tricky; there is paid parking and free street parking, but it is manageable.

The buffet includes a range of cuisines, from authentic Indian dishes like chicken biryani and samosas to Thai curries and Chinese sweet and sour chicken.

The restaurant’s proximity to the Theatre District, just a two-minute walk away, makes it convenient for theatre-goers.

Halal Steak Near Me in Milton Keynes

1. Middletons Steakhouse & Grill –  Best for Steaks

Middletons Steakhouse & Grill stands out among halal food places in Milton Keynes for its top-notch steaks and grill options.


Yes, they offer halal food, catering to a wide range of diners. The restaurant is particularly noted for its celebratory atmosphere.

It is a perfect spot for special occasions like birthdays, where they go the extra mile with singing and a candle in the dessert.

The beef Wellington and lamb chops come highly recommended. The bottomless brunch is another highlight, offering excellent value with a wide choice of drinks.

The staff, including servers like Ciara O’Brien, receive accolades for their helpful and friendly service. 

2. Mk Tawa& Steak House – Famous for Tawa Dishes

MK Tawa & Steak House has made a name in Milton Keynes with its authentic Tawa dishes and quality steaks. They source their meats from a Halal supplier, ensuring a wide range of diners can enjoy their offerings.


Yes, the food is halal, and they also offer delivery services, adding to the convenience.

The restaurant’s Tawa No. 1 and Tawa No. 2 are particularly praised for their flavour and variety, including wings, lamb, and daal. The mango milkshake is also a hit. 

However, some diners have had less satisfying experiences, noting issues with the gourmet burger and the quality of certain dishes.

Customer service is generally well-regarded, with staff being polite and respectful, especially to older people. 


Milton Keynes, a vibrant city known for its diverse culinary landscape, is home to many halal restaurants.

Whether you are craving authentic Turkish delights at Sultans, indulging in the rich flavours of Indian cuisine at MK Tawa & Steak House, or exploring the varied buffet at MK Buffet Village, there is something to satisfy every palate.

These halal-friendly spots, including the renowned Middletons Steakhouse & Grill and the family favourite, Bollywood Junction UK, offer halal-certified meals, an inviting atmosphere, and exceptional service.

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