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Halal Restaurants in Knightsbridge

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Join me in exploring the wonderful world of halal fine dining in London, will you? Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Chelsea, and Paddington – those are the neighbourhoods I adore strolling through. It is where you will find top-notch halal eateries!

Have you ever wondered about the posh halal places in Mayfair? I have covered that before. And now, let’s talk about the best halal fine dining restaurants in London.

They’re mainly in West London, so choosing – and walking around – becomes a piece of cake.

Window shopping in Knightsbridge, Harrods, or Paddington is a fun hobby, though most things are over my budget. The fine dining treats? Those I can afford once in a while!

So let’s find the tastiest halal spots in Knightsbridge together.

We are all about delicious cuisine and classic halal treats, available anytime you wish. It is time to explore and savour the flavours. 

The Best Halal Restaurants in Knightsbridge

1. Zelman Meats

Are you looking for the best halal steak places in London? Let’s talk about Zelman Meats! As mentioned in a London food blog, this spot is a must-try. Why? It is right near Harrods and has incredible halal food.


Only some meat options are halal but do not worry. You have got tasty choices like the Picanha, fillet, or Chilean wagyu beef – all halal. That is a feast fit for a king! All the halal items are marked clearly, so there is no confusion.

Quality? Top-notch. Zelman Meats is one of the best in Knightsbridge. For a start, try the burrata or Lobster croquettes.

If you fancy the best halal burger in London, you are in luck. Imagine a Wagyu burger with sriracha sauce, crispy onions, and triple-cooked chips.

You will ask yourself why you have never tried this place before. Hungry for halal food near Harrods? Zelman Meats is the place for you!

2. The Mantl

Looking for a great place to eat near you? On Brompton Road, there is a spot that you cannot miss. It is The Mantl. Fancy some Turkish food? Come right in!


Inside, it is like stepping into Turkey. The place is cosy, filled with traditional touches, and the folks are amiable. You will feel welcome.

Think juicy kebabs, tender lamb, and unique little dishes with authentic Turkish flavours. This thing is called mantı, like dumplings but way better, with tangy yoghurt and rich tomato sauce. You have got to try it.

Everything is fresh and tasty. That is because they only use top-notch ingredients.

So, next time you are looking for halal places to eat near me, think about The Mantl. It is more than a meal; it is a quick trip to Turkey. 

3. Al Arez 2

Just a short walk from Hyde Park, you will find Al Arez 2. Are you looking for halal food nearby in Knightsbridge? This place is a must-try! They serve the tastiest Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle-eastern dishes around.


Sit outside and soak in the beautiful views of Knightsbridge while enjoying hot, fresh food. 

What’s more? Their Lebanese dishes are a big hit. The meat is all halal, perfect for Muslim friends, and there is no alcohol on the menu.

But do not worry

Their fresh juices, milkshakes, and smoothies are the ideal companions for their spicy delights. 

4. Caffe Concerto – Best For Italian Cuisine

Looking for a place to dine that has it all in London? You have got to check out Caffè Concerto, a top-notch halal Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge. It is not just fine dining; it is a welcoming spot where everyone feels at home.


Ever thought about having a special afternoon tea? They have got that! Whether Monday, Wednesday, or Sunday, they have covered you with gluten-free, vegan, and even halal options. It is like a food festival for all!

But the goodness does not stop at tea. Dive into the main dishes like grilled chicken breast, yummy spaghetti alla bolognese, or the tasty braised lamb shank.

These dishes are all halal, and that is something most restaurants in Knightsbridge cannot even promise.

What makes Caffè Concerto unique is how they respect Italian tradition and quality ingredients. You can even get your tea with cream for one or two. Not many places offer this much variety. 

5. Al Basha Restaurant

Have you ever dreamed of tasting Lebanon’s incredible food? At Al Basha Restaurant in Knightsbridge, that dream comes true.


Imagine walking into Al Basha’s elegant place. You will be met with warm smiles and tasty Lebanese dishes. You know, the delicious stuff like mezze platters, grilled meats, and yummy rice dishes. Every bite’s a party in your mouth!

Try their soft shawarma, crunchy falafel, and smooth baba ganoush. Hungry yet? Top it off with Lebanese tea and a piece of sweet baklava.

Take a food trip to Lebanon without leaving town. Al Basha Restaurant is your ticket to an unforgettable meal. It is food, fun, and flavour – all in the heart of Knightsbridge.


Are you looking for top-notch halal food in Knightsbridge? You are in luck! From mouth-watering Indian dishes to delicious Italian meals, you will find something tasty. Meat lovers, this is your paradise.

Don’t take everything at face value. Even if the website says it is halal, give them a call. It never hurts to double-check, right? Interested in breakfast or brunch? London’s got plenty of excellent halal options for early birds too.

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