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Best Halal Restaurants in Liverpool

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Being a student in Liverpool is like opening the door to the world! You are not just learning from books; you are tasting, seeing, and smelling different cultures daily. Imagine trying new dishes that your taste buds have never known.

How about halal food? It has become a big deal in Liverpool and beyond, even for those who are not Muslim.

For Muslims, halal is food that follows Islamic rules. For others, it is just a chance to enjoy yummy meals from places like Lebanon, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Have you ever tried Arabian or Mediterranean food? You will find them in Liverpool. It is not just about food, though; it is about the whole experience of being in a diverse city.

Want to try something new? We have got the best halal restaurants in Liverpool lined up for you. You do not have to travel far to explore a new world of flavours. So come on, take a bite, and explore Liverpool’s tasty side.

Best Halal Restaurants in Liverpool

1. Shiraz BBQ

Shiraz BBQ is the spot to be if you love halal Turkish food. In Liverpool, you are sitting under a roof with drape lines that look like a big tent. It is different, and it feels like a faraway place. The food? Your taste buds will thank you.


It is more than just good; it is a memory. That makes Shiraz one of the top halal Turkish restaurants in town.

Need to eat at home? No problem! Shiraz offers fantastic halal takeaways. The flavours will give you goosebumps, and you will not be hungry later.

Try Shiraz; it is number one on our list for a reason.

2. Nando’s Liverpool ONE

At Nando’s Place, you will find a lively mix of Afro-Portuguese flavours, especially their world-famous grilled chicken. Ever felt your mouth water just by looking at food? That is Nando’s for you!

Are you a fan of spicy grilled chicken? Then do not pass up a chance to dine here. Even though it is often packed with hungry food lovers like you, the staff hustle and bustle to get your order to you fast. Every plate is special, and they make sure of it.

In short, if you are a real foodie with a thing for exciting tastes, Nando’s is a must-visit. 

3. Bakchich – Bold Street

On Bold Street, you will always be hungry, especially with Bakchich around, a top pick for delicious halal eats. They dish out Lebanese and Moroccan flavours. Want a little taste or a full meal? They’ve got you covered.


The best part? Excellent quality. Friendly service. And prices that will keep your student bank. You get immense value here, perfect for exploring new flavours.

And guess what? It is near the city centre.

Your class, Grenville Street student housing, and all the city buzz are just a stone’s throw away. So next time you feel adventurous with your taste buds, Bakchich is where you will want to be. It’s all about great food without fuss, right in the heart of town.

4. Toro’s Steakhouse Liverpool

Taro’s Place in Liverpool is where your taste buds come alive with halal steak and more. Imagine a glove made just for your hand; that is how the food here fits your palette.


You can taste the quality in every bite, especially the pepper that dances on your tongue.

Hungry for praise? Each bite earns it here. But it is not just the flavours that make this spot unbeatable.

They offer a menu full of exciting options, all wrapped in a cosy dining atmosphere. It is like eating at a friend’s house if your friend is a top-notch chef.

Whether the halal steak (Interlinking) or something else that catches your eye, the friendly vibe and standout taste make Taro’s Place a must-visit for food lovers.

5. Fattoush

Right around the corner from Marybone’s student living spaces (1, 2, and 3), you will find Fattoush. It is a mere two-minute walk! Talk about convenience. But there is more to cheer about, especially if you are hungry.


This spot serves a flavorful blend of Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern meals.

The authenticity is top-notch, but what makes your taste buds dance is the fresh preparation. Every dish is made on the spot, delicious, and, let’s face it, that is what matters to all of us.

So next time you are near Marybone and craving something savoury, Fattoush awaits you. It is food worth walking two minutes for.

Wrapping Up!

Liverpool’s food is something special, especially the Halal dishes! This guide shows you the diverse and yummy choices available.
You loved our list of top Halal spots, but we did not stop there. We’ve got some honourable mentions too.

Fora on Houndsditch, Comptoir Libanais on Broadgate, and Truffle Burger on Bishopsgate serve mouthwatering meat.

Liverpool’s Halal scene is more than just food; it blends culture and flavour.

A rich world of tastes is just waiting for you, filled with quality, variety, and easy-to-find dishes. So, why wait? Dive in, explore, and savour the culinary adventure that Liverpool offers.

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