Halal Hot Pot in London

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Halal hotpot is the new TikTok sensation. Why? It is not usually for Muslim diners. But guess what? Some savvy restaurants in London saw the need. Now, they have got Halal menus!

You might be thinking, Where can I find these places? Look at either Korean or Chinese restaurants.

Finding a fully halal menu might be tricky, though. No worries. Some places have you covered. They have a Halal-friendly zone and even a special menu section.

Still, trying to figure it out? Always talk to the staff if you are in doubt. They will guide you. So, go on, give it a try. Enjoy a hotpot experience that suits your needs, and stay trendy.

Best Halal Hot Pot London

1. Superstar Korean BBQ Restaurant

Hungry for something new? Head to the heart of London! The Superstar Korean BBQ Restaurant awaits you there. Are they offering halal chicken? Check. Delicious vegetarian and vegan Bento boxes? They have got it.


Have you never tried Korean BBQ before? No worries. The friendly staff will guide you. They will help you find the perfect dish using simple English. 

Are you looking for fun after your meal? Tottenham Court Road is close by. It’s a hub for shopping and fun. 

If halal Korean BBQ London is on your mind, this spot is for you. Friendly, easy-going, and at the heart of the action. A dining adventure awaits.

2. Korean BBQ & Vegan

Looking for a spot to enjoy halal Chinese food in London? It is not always easy to find fully halal restaurants, especially for Asian and Chinese cuisine. But guess what? East London has exactly what you have been craving!


Introducing the Korean BBQ & Vegan restaurant. This is the authentic Korean barbecue London needs. And it is all 100% halal, from tasty pot soups to mouth-watering beef teriyaki and the famous kalbi. Even more exciting, it has at least 15 vegan options!

Halal Korean fried chicken and halal Korean barbecue are the stars here. When you taste them at this Barbican restaurant, you will know why.

Best part? No pork, no alcohol – only yummy halal and vegan food. 

3. Bari Bari Restaurant

In East London, are you craving something special and halal to eat? Say hello to Bari Bari.


It is not just any Whitechapel restaurant; it blends Korean flavours, serving tasty barbecue delights. Chicken beef is all halal and fantastic.

Have you ever tried dumpling stew? Bari Bari’s is to live for! You will adore the generous dishes; they have something for everyone’s palate.

But Whitechapel offers more than just a great meal.

If you are an adventurer, explore! The Whitechapel Bell Foundry’s big, historic bells will fascinate you. Painted walls? Check out Brick Lane’s street art. It is a fun, vibrant place.

So grab your friends and family, head to Bari Bari, and make a day of it. Good food, fun sights, and unforgettable memories await you.

4. Bento Bab

Let’s talk about Bento Bab, right in the heart of Whitechapel and Aldgate East. It is a Korean spot and one of the favourite places for East Londoners.


You will find halal chicken and beef, but be mindful that there is also pork and alcohol there.

Since 2019, this place has whipped up all sorts of Korean delights. Ever tried glass noodles? They are a must-have here! And if meat’s not your thing, do not worry. From seaweed-packed Korean pancakes to tasty pumpkin mousse, there is something for the vegans too.

Imagine biting into their famous halal Korean Fried Chicken.

You will not regret it! But it is not just about the food. Bento Bab is close to cool spots like Old Spitalfields Market for a shopping spree and Whitechapel Gallery for art enthusiasts.

So next time you are craving some adventurous eating, head to East London to Bento Bab. 

5. Kalbi Korean BBQ

Are you looking for a unique dining spot? Head over to Rosebery Street in London, where you will find this fantastic halal Korean BBQ place. Imagine Korean flavours mixed with a modern farmhouse vibe.


Every day, you can enjoy a buffet-style dinner here. And guess what? The options are endless! Rice comes fried or plain or try the bibimbap.

Add sides like spring onion salad and kimchi. Hungry for appetisers? The Yangyum chicken and Japchae are must-tries.

Now, the meat. You will find the chicken in the all-you-can-eat deal, but why not spice it up? Add Ribeye, Bulgogi or Kalbi for a little extra. And yes, they offer halal chicken and beef – ask!

But hold on. There is a catch – you have got ninety minutes to eat all you want.

They do serve pork and alcohol, but for those looking for halal restaurants in Oxford or London, this is the place. Your appetite for halal Korean BBQ will indeed be satisfied here. 


London has got the best halal hot pot spots. If you are into Korean food like me, you will love it too. Have you ever tasted Korean fried chicken?

Or that famous barbecue that feels like cooking magic, like in Harry Potter? It may sound strange, but it reminds me of Vietnamese pho soup, my world’s top dish.

Imagine mixing a potion. That is what eating this food feels like. The sensation is the same whether dining at a Vietnamese restaurant in London or cooking halal Korean BBQ.

My next post could be about halal restaurants in Glasgow. How thrilling is that? If you have never tried flavours there, now’s your chance. It’s a taste adventure waiting for you.

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