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Halal Restaurants in Cardiff

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Cardiff is famous for its wide range of halal restaurants and dishes offering the best taste and yummy delights in a lively atmosphere.

If you are with your friends or family, you can sit there in their modern, trendy, and cosy atmosphere and enjoy everything from chicken to lamb dishes and from rice to noodles.

So, let’s explore and indulge in Cardiff’s Halal restaurants! Scroll down to the end.

Best Halal Restaurant In Cardiff

1. Shaam Nights Restaurant- Syrian Restaurant

It’s a top-notch halal restaurant in Cardiff, offering an experience that rivals the best halal restaurants in East London


This place is like a foodie’s dream come true. Imagine dining in an ornate tile space with hanging lanterns and eating charcoal-grilled kebabs and rejoicing. Wow, what a lovely time.

Hang in there for its lovely Middle Eastern cuisine, offering mouth-tempting appetizers and Chicken dishes. Relish their mixed grilled platter, lamb shawarma, chicken pea falafel, and their famous juice.

It offers generous portions of halal food. All their meat is halal. Their menu has a variety of halal food options.

So here it goes with free parking space available nearby. But it isn’t easy to find a space to park your cars right there. You can avail the paid parking services.

2. Saray Restaurant- Turkish Restaurant

Let’s try something new and make an informal stop for Middle Eastern plates with juices, coffees, and smoothies. This is one of the Turkish restaurants offering unique Turkish cuisine.


Dig in and enjoy the mouthwatering mezze platter, heavenly baklava, Chicken doner, and delicious kebab at this restaurant. It’s a feast you will want to attend.

You’ll be happy to know that this restaurant offers a wide selection of halal chicken and meat options. So do not worry and enjoy your meal at this halal food place in Cardiff with complete peace of mind.

Great news! There is free car parking on the street as well as you can park your car in the nearest NCP parking slot.

3. Mirchi Indo-Pak Cuisine- Pakistani Restaurant 

Here is the restaurant in the heart of Cardiff, serving its authentic South Asian cuisine with the same pride you would find in halal restaurants in Leeds city.


They use the finest ingredients to prepare their dishes, providing the best quality and taste to their customers.

Dine in and start with the buffet, enjoy their mixed grill, and indulge in the favours of platter. Take advantage of their tandoori chicken. To satisfy your taste buds, savour their lamb karahi to the fullest.

Good news! Get reasonably priced and authentic halal food in generous portions right here in this halal food Cardiff restaurant.

It is a family-friendly restaurant. It’s a great place to bring your loved ones for a delicious meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Mowgli Street Food- Indian Restaurant

Want to try the recipes of an award-winning chef, comparable to those at a top Indian restaurant in London?


Dine into this restaurant for exciting and yummy meals with great and new tastes. Experience Indian cuisine full of flavours.

Take a big bite of monkey wrap with sauces to have all the flavours in your mouth. Relish the bhel puri and Mowgli paneer. Temple Dahl is a must-try.

Yes, they serve halal food options.

It is a great family-friendly restaurant. So gather your family and head over to Mirchi for a memorable dining experience!

Book your table in advance to avoid any inconvenience while dining in.

5. German Doner Kebab- kebab Shop

The ultimate and your choice of meat kebabs are offered here in its most lively atmosphere. It’s one of the largest food chain restaurants in the world. Enjoy their luxurious decor with great flavours.


Savour their doner kebabs, made from chicken or meat. Satisfy your taste buds with a donor gym box and doner spring rolls.

Yes, they serve halal food with 100 % halal-certified meat.

You can park your cars in the streets or avail the paid parking lots.

And you know what? They also offer delivery service so that you can enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home.

Halal Breakfast Cardiff/ Halal Brunch Cardiff 

1. Dino’s Cafe- Breakfast And Bistro

The ultimate and your choice of meat kebabs are offered here in its most lively atmosphere. It’s one of the largest food chain restaurants in the world. Enjoy their luxurious decor with great flavours.


Savour their doner kebabs, made from chicken or meat. Satisfy your taste buds with a donor gym box and doner spring rolls.

Yes, they serve halal food with 100 % halal-certified meat.

You can park your cars in the streets or avail the paid parking lots.

And you know what? They also offer delivery service so that you can enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home.

2. Chaiiwala Cardiff- Cafe

Craving for signature chai? Step into this restaurant to enjoy the different tastes of chai and desi breakfast. Explore the great selection of tea they offer.


Grab a cup of bold-flavoured karak tea. Enjoy the pink chai with a unique and traditional creamy texture. Karak coffee is perfect for coffee lovers. Trust me! The breakfast omelette with daal will satisfy your taste buds.

All the food options they offer are halal-certified. Muslims! Eat with your peace of mind.

Pop in there from 8:30 am. They get close by 1:30 am. So, if you want to rejoice with your loved ones, remember the timing.

Halal Nando’s Cardiff

1. Nando’s Cardiff- Old Brewery Quarter

Are you in the mood for some spicy food? Check out this famous Afro-Portuary chain restaurant serving its delicious and authentic flame-grilled chicken in spicy chilli sauce.


Their whole chicken is cooked to perfection. Try their very soft garlic bread. If you want to try something crunchy and well-seasoned, try their peri peri salted chips. Vegetarians must try their salads.

They offer halal food options.

They don’t accept reservations. You cannot book a table. Just step in and place an order.

Halal Buffet Cardiff

1. Spice Route- Buffet Restaurant 

It’s a buffet restaurant with homemade tasty dishes. It is a little famous for its food and quality. It offers an average taste and quality of meals.


You can enjoy the taste of Indian food and Chinese dishes from the buffet. Chicken biryani and fried noodles provide a nice flavour to the taste buds.

They offer halal food options on their menu.

You will find a lot of gluten-free dishes at affordable prices. All their gluten-free dishes are tasty and healthy.

2. JRC Global Buffet Cardiff Bay- Famous For Global Cuisines

Come and explore the jaw-dropping range of global cuisines at this buffet restaurant. You can Indulge in the different flavours all in one place. Go and grab your favourite meals from their buffets.


Eat your favourite noodles from a wide selection of different cuisines. Enjoy the different tastes of curries. Must try their sauces and refreshing juices.

They serve both halal and nonhalal dishes. You can dine there for halal food by selecting it from their halal menu.

You can book a table in advance to ensure your dining there. They welcome walk-ins, too. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer gluten-free options.

Halal Restaurants In Cardiff City Center

1. Chai Street Indian Restaurant- Famous For Indian Street Cuisine

Experience Indian-styled decorated restaurants with their traditional plates and dishes. Have fine dining right here at this spot with your friends and families.


Try their thali to get all the flavours in one go. If you want to satisfy your cravings for a delicious meal, try their choley Bhatura. Have spoonfuls of aromatic Biryani and chicken tikka masala with sauce.

Yes, It offers authentic and halal dishes.

It’s a family-friendly restaurant. You can enjoy their delectable bites together with your loved ones.

2. Lezzet Turkish Kitchen- Famous For Their Grilled Specialities

A must-visit for anyone craving authentic Turkish dishes. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant offering flavours of Turkish Cuisine in its casual and romantic atmosphere.


Platter mixed meat will elevate your taste buds. Baklava is a must-try. Chicken wings and salmon kebabs are worth trying out for their amazing tastes.

Relish fine dining with delicious and authentic halal dishes.

Yes, make pre-bookings to ensure you have a table booked.

Halal Chinese Cardiff

1. Chopstix Cardiff- Famous for its Chinese Noodles

This place is a real gem for delicious noodles. Relish the Asian flavours of their cuisine in a convivial atmosphere. Their mouth-watering dishes won’t break the bank. 


Their caramel chicken is super tasty. Savour their Spring rolls and chicken with noodles. Their Chinese food is quite popular among the dishes.

Yes, they offer halal food options.

Just imagine, you can indulge in their flavorful noodles without even stepping out the door. They deliver your ordered tasty feast right to your doorstep. Isn’t it great?

Halal Steak Cardiff

1. Steakout Cardiff- Famous For Steak

Head toward your favourite steak house and enjoy the juicy delights. Experience casual dining by eating Delicious and tasty meals there.


Try their finger-licking loaded fries with sauce. Sirloin and Philly cheese steak are to die for. Have a bite of yummy burgers and lamb chops.

Yes, it’s a halal restaurant that is HMC Certified. You can satisfy your cravings for delicious halal food.

Luckily, NCP parking lots are available for parking your cars near the restaurant. You can park your vehicle in the streets if you get a free space.

Yes, they serve alcohol only when the customers ask for it.

2. Pasture Restaurant Cardiff- Famous for Its Steak

Dine into this steak house to enjoy the tasty flavours of steaks and other dishes offered in generous quantities and with great quality. Please have a great experience with your loved ones in their cosy atmosphere. You can enjoy outdoor seating, too.


Lovely starters with cocktails. Mac and cheese is just fabulous. Chateaubriand is their famous steak, which is super tasty and will satisfy your cravings for steak.

Enjoy your halal and authentic food.

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, you will find a lot of delicious options on their menu.

Halal Takeaway Cardiff

1. MakHalal Cardiff- Fast Food Restaurant 

Explore the world of Makhalal. The best restaurant someone will ever crave. They prepare fresh food with fresh ingredients to offer the best quality to their customers.


Order fries, chicken wings, pizza, and burgers. These definitely will satisfy your cravings for fast food. Chicken sandwiches and doner kebabs are a must-try.

Yes, it is a family-friendly halal restaurant.

They offer dine-in facilities in their casual and inviting atmosphere where you can sit down and enjoy your meal. 

2. Abu Ali Restaurant And Takeaway- Lebanese Restaurant

Enjoy the taste of Lebanese cuisine in this beautifully decorated traditional restaurant. They deliver all their delicious flavours to your door. Moreover, you can dine in and take away your meal with yourself.


A Mixed grill will make you ask for more. Their chicken kebab and rice will definitely satisfy your appetite. Must try their chicken doner with chips.

Yes, it’s a halal restaurant offering halal food options.

Savour your meat by paying with your cards. They accept Credit cards, Debit cards, Master cards, and NFC mobile payments.

3. Chilli Flames Cardiff Central- Fast Food Restaurant

Want a great spot for a quick and satisfying meal? Step into this restaurant and enjoy the facilities of dine-in, takeaway, and delivery of their flavorful meals.


Dig in and enjoy the taste of Peri Peri Chicken with Peri Peri fries and sauce. Take delectable bites of grilled chicken burger. Try nachos for their delicious flavour.

It’s a halal restaurant and is HMC Certified. Enjoy the halal flavours.

Yes. You can dine there with your family and friends for a perfect dining experience.


You can find many halal places to eat in Cardiff; it is home to a variety of amazing halal restaurants that offer a wide range of delicious dishes. 

From Middle Eastern cuisine to Indian and Turkish to Syrian, you’ll find flavours that will satisfy your taste buds. Whether you’re craving steak, burgers, or mouthwatering curries,  they have got your back.

Must visit the above-mentioned halal food places in Cardiff to experience memorable and fine dining with your loved ones. Indulge in the halal flavours to satisfy your appetite.

Make a go and grab your food bites in these halal food Cardiff restaurants.

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