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Halal Restaurants in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is famous for its culinary delights, from Top Roof Thai joints to beautiful steakhouses. It’s best to visit Edinburgh to enjoy its welcoming halal restaurants.

They serve tasty halal dishes with various flavors to satisfy your cravings. Whether you are in the mood for grilled meats or flavorful curries, They have you covered.

Let’s head out to eat by uncovering Edinburgh’s best halal food places. Scroll down till the conclusion.

Best Halal Restaurant in Edinburgh

1. Daika Kurdish Grill- Middle Eastern Restaurant

In the heart of Edinburgh, this restaurant not only lets you dine into the soul of the Middle East with its fantastic and affordable food, but it also echoes the quality of halal food in Canary Wharf.


They offer delicious Kurdish cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. Try their mix grill and chicken shawarma. Have delectable bites of their lamb kebab for a yummy taste.

Yes, they serve halal and authentic food options.

Vegan Kurdish food is offered in generous quantities and excellent quality to vegan lovers.

Unfortunately, they do not offer delivery services. You can dine in or take your food away to the chosen location.

2. The Mosque Kitchen- South Asian Restaurant

They are famous for their delicious curries and mouth-watering Kabab. It’s worth checking out.


Chicken biryani and chicken tikka will satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy their pulao rice and curry with naan in their canteen atmosphere.

It’s the best place to have halal food while dining with friends and families. Its vegetarian menu also provides halal options.

They don’t have their car parking, but the street spaces are available for your vehicle to be parked on. Parking can be challenging near this restaurant.

3. Omar Khayyam- Indian Restaurant

Are you craving the finest Indian and Punjabi cuisine, similar to the quality you would find at a halal Indian food restaurant? Experience its lively and tasty dishes served in plentiful portions on the plate with decent decor.


Enjoy their lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken tikka masala and Garlic chicken chilli. Grab the delectable bites of tandoori chicken. Its Thali veg covers all flavours in a single plate.

Enjoy their halal food in the spacious and sweet environment.

You can park your cars in the streets. But it’s sometimes difficult to park your vehicles on the roads near the restaurant. You can use the parking lots and garages, which will charge for low.

Yes, they do Takeaway. It’s to make it convenient for its customers to relish their bites wherever they want.

4. Rustom Restaurant- Famous For Indian And Pakistani Dishes

Have you ever tried chicken dishes from Pakistan and Indian cuisine in a casual and cosy atmosphere? It’s just jaw-droppingly unique and delicious. 


Try this restaurant, known for its superb & authentic mouthwatering flavours. Nihari with garlic naan is super tasty. Taste the crunchy vegetable pakora with dips to elevate your taste buds.

Yes, they offer halal and authentic cuisines in generous quantities.

They have clearly labelled vegan dishes. Vegan lovers can dine there for their wide selection of vegan menus.

Street parking is available near and in front of this restaurant.

5. Beirut- Lebanese Restaurant

Explore the popular dishes in Beirut that people are craving for. They are mainly famous for their excellent tea selection. Tea lovers! Make a go.


Have a plate of Beirut, baklava and falafel wrapped with chips. I am sure you will ask for more. Lamb dishes and juices are worth checking out.

Halal food options are available. Muslims can make a visit to grab the yummy halal bites.

Yes, you can order food to go. It is an excellent way of taking your food without dining in.

6. Tattu Edinburgh- Chinese Restaurant

Here, you can have traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. It offers a unique dining experience with delicious flavour and is known for its stunning interior design.


You can try their authentic and mouth-watering flavours by ordering their most recommended dishes. Grab their prawn toast, seared tuna and caramel soy beef filet.

They provide halal chicken and lamb.

You can pay by card for your meals. They accept Credit cards, Debit cards, Master Cards, and NFC mobile payments, too.

7. German Doner Kebab- Famous For Kebabs

Dine in for delicious and flavorful doner kebabs, made with high-quality ingredients and served in various styles, same options you might find at Halal Italian Restaurants in London.


You can enjoy their signature kebabs with cheesy chips, toasted bread, wraps and fresh vegetable dishes with tasty sauces. It’s a must-go to this restaurant.

Muslims can have meals at this Edinburgh halal restaurant. They are halal certified with authentic food.

Great part! They offer delivery services as well as you can take away your food. Enjoy your doner kebabs in the comfort of your home.

Edinburgh Halal Takeaway

1. Desi Pakwan- Pakistani cuisine

Explore this Pakistani restaurant that offers a variety of authentic Pakistani dishes. They are known for their flavorful spices and generous portions. It’s worth a visit.


From biryani to kebabs, they have a wide range of flavorful options. Check out their chicken tikka masala with special roti. It will satisfy your cravings.

It’s a halal restaurant. It offers a variety of halal dishes to be relished.

Yes, they provide dine-in facilities to everyone. You can take away your food or dine in to enjoy your meal in their lively atmosphere.

2. Lazeez Street Food- Taste Of Lebanon

If you want to try the Lebanese taste in Edinburgh, visit Lazeez street food with your friends and families to enjoy their dishes’ delightful and yummy flavours.


Famous for falafel, they provide every authentic flavour to their customers. Kafta wrap is of great taste, and their crunchy sandwich is to die for.

They serve halal and authentic food with delicious flavours.

You can enjoy their delivery services by placing an order and having it on your doorstep quickly.

Halal Steak Edinburgh

1. Toro Latino Steakhouse- Latin American Cuisine 

Dine into Toro Latino Steak House to satisfy your cravings for steak. They offer a variety of delicious cuts of meat, cooked to perfection and served with yummy sauces.  


Try their special beef and sirloin steak with sauce if you want a unique dining experience and mouth-watering flavours. T-bone steak will satisfy your appetite.

It’s a halal steak house offering halal meat and vegetarian options.

You can park your car in the street near this Edenburg halal restaurant. You can move towards paid parking lots and garages if you can’t find space.

2. Fazenda Rodizio Bar And Grill Edinburgh- Famous For Grilled Meat

A traditional food spot that offers Argentina and Brazilian side dishes with fresh ingredients. You will get the finest and freshly grilled meat with decent decor on your plate.


Dessert platter and chicken hearts are worth checking out. Try their meat selection, which is full of authentic flavours, and the salad bar, which has a wide variety of vegetarian options.

They provide halal meat. You should make a reservation 48 hours before to ensure your halal meal order.

Yes, you have to book a table in advance. They require reservations. It’s best to make reservations beforehand to ensure your orders are ready.

Halal Breakfast Edinburgh

1. Zaza’s Coffee House- Coffee Shop

Visit this lovely cafe in Edinburgh, known as one of the best spots for halal breakfast, similar to the renowned best spots for halal breakfast in Birmingham.


You can also find delicious pastries and snacks to pair with your coffee. Their cappuccinos are the best and most authentic. It would help if you visited for an English breakfast with your friends and family.

Yes, it’s a halal Scottish coffee with a halal breakfast.

It’s a good breakfast spot.

2. Kukina Turkish Bakery- Turkish cuisine 

Head out to this bakery in Edinburgh that offers Turkish flavours in its items, which you find in one of the best halal Turkish restaurants in London. Enjoy its authentic food in its convivial atmosphere. Make sure to check it out.


Try its mouth-tempting beef borek and vanilla custard cream pastry. Coffee is a must-try. Eat their baklava and crave more.

Yes, they provide halal food options.

They offer delivery, dine-in and takeaway services to everyone. 

Halal Nando’s Edinburgh

1. Nando’s Edinburgh- Ocean Terminal

Want to try delicious flamed grilled chicken in spicy chilli sauce? Step into Nando’s for yummy and authentic flavours. Enjoy the Portuguese-styled dishes with your friends.


Grab the delectable bites of Chicken wings with Peri Peri sauce. Moreover, you can try their mouth-watering Peri Peri chicken and rice to satisfy your tastebuds.

This is the halal branch of Nando’s, which has halal food options.

Enjoy your meals by paying with your payment cards. They accept Credit cards, debit cards, and NFC Mobile payments.

Halal Chinese Edinburgh

1. Chopstix Edinburgh- Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Are you craving for the most delicious and ever-tasted noodles? Step into the Chopstix Chinese restaurant to experience a variety of unique tastes of Noodles and other flavorful dishes.

Spring rolls and topping boxes are worth trying. Pepper chicken with noodles and rice will make you crave more. Portion sizes are just perfect to be tasted.

Halal and fresh chicken and beef dishes are prepared for everyone who wants.

Here you go! Order your favourite items and have them at your doorstep with their delivery services. Enjoy your meal wherever you want.

2. HongFu Noodle Bar- Chinese Cuisine

Dine into this Chinese noodle bar offering the best noodles of all time. Famous for its welcoming environment, every tourist steps into this eating spot.


Their dumplings with red oil and chicken wings are worth checking out. Spicy Tofu dishes and noodles will satisfy your cravings for spices.

Halal meat options are offered by HongFu noodle bars.

Yes, they provide delivery services to everyone.

Halal Buffet Edinburgh

1. Mr Basrai’s World Cuisines Edinburgh- Famous For Variety Of  Cuisines

Enjoy buffets with your friends and family in this halal restaurant with a casual atmosphere. Chicken and lamb are halal and are served in generous portions. However, their pork is not halal.


Yes, this place is wheelchair accessible. It provides car parks, a lift, an entrance, seating and toilets for wheelchair personnel. You can easily dine in your wheelchair with no worries.

They have a lot of food options on their vegan menu. They serve salads, appetizers and desserts to vegan lovers.

Luckily,  this halal food spot has free parking lots with plenty of parking space. So don’t empty your pockets by paying for parking in other parking lots and garages.

2. COSMO Restaurant Edinburgh- Famous For Its Wide Variety Of Cuisines

Enjoy Buffets with your friends and families right here at this spot. It’s one of the best-styled restaurants that takes your taste buds worldwide.


They are not halal certified but offer some halal portions of meat on their menu. 

They offer a variety of vegan options on their menu.

The multi-storey car park is the nearest parking space for parking your vehicles while dining in Cosmo restaurant. Street parking is also available.

Halal Food Edinburgh City Center

1. Dishoom Edinburgh- Indian Restaurant 

Dine in to relish their delicious and authentic Indian dishes with a modern twist. They serve Bombay comfort food. Dishoom is a great place to satisfy your Indian food cravings.


It’s a partially halal restaurant providing halal and non-halal food options. If you want to try halal, inform them before ordering.

Yes, it is child-friendly with a welcoming environment for them.

Surprisingly! No reservations are needed to enjoy your food at Dishoom. You can pop in and grab your food on the go.

2. Elfalafel- Famous for Falafel

Have a great dining experience with your friends and families in an Elfalafel restaurant. Be seated in its lively and casual atmosphere while relishing your delectable bites.


Try their mouth-watering falafel wraps, chips, zinger wrap, chicken tenders, and french fries. They offer a variety of flavours to satisfy your cravings for different cuisines.

It is a halal restaurant offering halal food options.

There are a lot of parking lots near falafel. You can park your cars there without any inconvenience.

3. Ada Restaurant- Famous For Turkish Dishes

If you’re a fan of Turkish food, you’re in for a treat at Ada Restaurant. They serve a wide range of authentic Turkish cuisine, from kebabs and mezes to flavorful stews and grilled meats.


Try their mixed grill, lamb shawarma wrap and baklava. They will satisfy your taste buds. You must try their grilled sea bass and Turkish coffee for a taste.

You can book a table in advance or visit without reservations. They only secure some of their tables. Leave some of them for walk-ins.

Yes, they serve halal meals in generous portions and excellent quality.

Halal Brunch Edinburgh 

1. Laila Lunch And Brunch- Famous For Its Mediterranean Classics

Enjoy brunch in this lively cafe with cherry decor. Make your culinary adventure exciting with your friends and family by having brunch full of flavours.


Enjoy its buttermilk chicken, Ruby buttermilk waffles and fries. Unicorn latte and ruby latte are must-try. It’s a place worth checking out.

They offer halal food options. Relish their halal chicken with sauces.

Step in from 9 am to 5 pm for a perfect lunch and brunch menu. 


I recommend these top-listed halal food places to eat in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has a beautiful halal dining scene and many great options. 

So head out to these delightful spots with your friends and families and enjoy the different cuisines with marvellous taste. Desi Pakwan offers tasty dishes representing Pakistani cuisine, while Chopstix is famous for its flavorful noodles.

In the article, you must try the listed restaurant in Edinburgh to satisfy your cravings for different tastes and cuisines. 

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