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Halal Restaurants in Leeds

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Leeds has an incredible culinary scene with diverse flavours to explore. It’s well known for its food spots and cafes.

Whether you are in the mood for a flavourful lunch in a restaurant or the mood for coffee in a cafe, Leeds halal restaurants have got it all for you.

Let’s explore the best top-listed halal food places to eat in Leeds. Continue to read till the end to indulge in various cuisine flavours together.

Best Halal Restaurant In Leeds

1. Shimlas Leeds- Kashmiris Restaurant 

Are you craving Indian cuisine? You are in for a treat in the welcoming environment of Shimlas Leeds. Relish their range of flavorful dishes, from aromatic curries to mouthwatering tandoori specialities.


Make sure to try their dynamite prawns and chicken doner. Your taste buds will thank you if you grab the bites of tandoori chicken and lamb seekh kabab.

They serve halal food. Enjoy their Indian seekh kebabs that are all halal.

Many parking spaces are available near the restaurant, with plenty of parking spaces open. Enjoy your meals without getting worried about car parking.

2. Mumtaz Leeds- Indian Restaurant

Dine in Mumtaz Leeds to experience the most decadent Kashmiri dishes. Owned by a woman, it’s a classic restaurant with a classy decor and casual atmosphere.


Enjoy your food and capture photos in this famous selfie restaurant. The Mumtaz mix grill platter is worth checking out. Taste their variety of biryanis and wings with mocktails.

Want to try halal food in Leeds? Step in here. They serve halal and authentic food and are one of the best halal restaurants in Leeds.

Anything you want to eat from Mumtaz Leeds can be delivered to your home steps in no time. They offer the best delivery services to everyone.

3. MyLahore Leeds- Asian Restaurant

Here you go to the welcoming world of MyLahore, Leeds. A family-run business that offers delicious cuisines to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy your meal in the colourful atmosphere.


Famous for butter chicken and lasagna, this restaurant also serves mixed flavours of desi food. Lamb chops and Gourmet bread are a must-try.

They serve halal food options but still need to be halal-certified.

There is no need to pre-book a table for dining in. But to ensure your table, you can make reservations to ensure your satisfaction. They accept reservations.

Now don’t worry about parking your car. They have free parking lots with plenty of space available.

4. Indian Tiffin Room Leeds- Indian Restaurant

Try Indian cuisine at this restaurant. Enjoy the delicious, inspired Indian street food in the casual atmosphere of Indian Tiffin Room Leeds.


If you want to taste chicken dishes, make a go to enjoy their chicken biryani, butter chicken curry with naan and some mouthwatering chilli paneer.

This is a halal spot to enjoy clean and healthy food. 

They offer Delivery services to their customers conveniently and bring a taste to every person’s mouth.

5. MANJAROS RESTAURANT – African Restaurant 

My Foodie Friend! Have a change of cuisine flavours right here in this restaurant. It specializes in Afro-Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy the delicious delights in MANJAROS.


They offer a wide range of menus. Steak, Mini grill, Chicken wings and pizza are provided in a top-notch taste.

All the food on their menu is halal. Enjoy the meat flavours.

Excitingly celebrate your meal with your friends and family without worrying about parking. They have on-site parking. Also, they have large spaces available for parking at their back.

6. Akbar’s Restaurant- Indian Restaurant

With peaceful and authentic settings, Akbar serves traditional dishes that suit your tastes. They provide a good selection of food on their decorated plate.


Try their appetizers to induce more cravings for their food. Once tried, chicken tikka masala with naan bread will leave you craving more.

They offer halal food options.

Have an excellent experience with their gluten-free options. They provide gluten-free and dairy-free options per customer choice.

You should book a table to avoid any inconvenience during your visit. They accept reservations.

Halal Breakfast In Leeds

1. Aisha’s Cafe-  Famous For Halwa Puri, Chai And Grill

Grab your easy, fast and convenient food from Aisha’s cafe. It’s a great place to grab a cup of coffee or to enjoy a light meal in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Go there for your breakfast and lunch with your friends and families. Have delectable bites of halwa puri and aloo paratha. Enjoy their full English breakfast and Kashmiri chai for more flavours.

They provide great halal food and delicious halal breakfast.

If you want a yummy breakfast or meal, visit them from 7:00 am to 8 pm. They are open at this time daily.

2. La Cafetiers Leeds- Middle Eastern And Mediterranean Cuisine 

It serves the beat and different styled breakfast representing the traditional cuisines. Its unique style of food attracts every tourist to dine in this eating spot.


Famous for its English Grill Platter breakfast, it has a flavorful Falafel and mixed grill platter. Also, try their Turkish breakfast, which is to die for.

They offer quality halal breakfast and other halal food options.

You can enjoy their delivery services. You can order whatever you want to relish at your home.

Halal Brunch Near Me in Leeds

1. Fleur Restaurant And Bar Leeds- British Restaurant 

Have you tried everything but have yet to be satisfied? Visit this popular spot for international cuisine. They offer a diverse menu with dishes from around the world. It’s a great place to enjoy a delicious meal in a stylish setting.


Famous for its brunch options like fleur roast brunch, it offers other authentic flavours to satisfy your taste buds. Try their miso salmon, chicken keema nachos and cocktails for a perfect dining experience.

Steak lovers! It provides halal-certified meat. Enjoy your sirloin steak and excellent roast beef to the fullest.

Remember to visit them from 11 am – 9 pm, Monday to Thursday. They are open from 11 am to 10 pm every Saturday and from 11 am to 8 pm every Sunday.

Leeds City Center Halal Food

1. Tattu Leeds- Chinese Restaurant

It is a lively restaurant known for its stunning interior design and delicious modern Chinese cuisine. The menu offers a variety of dishes that will satisfy your cravings.


Wagyu dumplings and dim sum will make you go crazy for the taste. Try their yummy spring rolls and sweet dragon egg dessert.

Yes, they serve halal food options. You can select your halal food easily from their menu.

You have to book a table in advance. It’s a busy spot because of its delicious food dishes. To avoid any inconvenience, make reservations beforehand.

Park your cars at The Light Car Park. It’s right next to the Tattu restaurant. Another nearby car park you can avail of is Trinity Leeds Car Park.

Halal Steak Restaurant Leeds

1. Bison Steakhouse- Famous For Steak And Angus Beef Burger

It’s the right option for steak lovers in Leeds, offering an experience like those best halal steak places in Manchester. Enjoy with your friends and families in their cosy atmosphere.


Have you ever tried their sirloin steak and gourmet burger? If not, try it to satisfy your taste buds. Relish delectable bites of rib-eye steak and lamb chops.

They specialize in halal steak. This restaurant also provides other halal food options.

Are you worried about car parking? You can find free-of-charge street parking nearby.

2. Charcoal Chicken Steakhouse- Chicken Restaurant 

They are firing the grill to serve you their best iconic burgers and juicy steaks. Pop in there without a chance to enjoy their lively and aromatic atmosphere.


The best steak they ever offer is their grilled Sirloin steak—order a generous plate of meat strips with chips and cheese burger with their yummy ketchup sauces.

Their chicken and meat are halal. Get their freshly prepared food that is made from halal ingredients.

Book your table in advance if you want to eat inside the restaurant. They accept reservations because this is a very busy spot.

3. Deli Chez Leeds-  Famous For Steak

It is a cosy cafe and a popular spot for locals to grab a quick bite or enjoy a decent meal. The relaxed atmosphere and tasty food make it an excellent choice for a casual dining experience.


Chicken steak panini, gourmet burgers, and tandoori chicken are worth checking out. Try their cheesecakes for a sweet flavour.

Their menu has halal food options to satisfy your cravings for halal.

You can park your cars in the streets. Some street parking nearby is paid, while others are free.

Halal Buffets In Leads

1 The Refectory- Famous For Its Buffet

Go and grab your favourite dishes and make your plates on your own. It has a casual atmosphere and is perfect for friends and families.


Fish and chips are a must-try. Hand-tossed salad gives mouth all the mixed flavours one can crave. Their menu has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

They are halal certified and offer halal food options.

Parking lots are available near the restaurants where people will ask for a penny. Street parking is also public.

They do not accept reservations. So you don’t need to book a table. Just step in and grab your food on the go.

Halal Takeaway Leeds

1. Curry And Kebab- Famous For Curries

Want to have some delicious and authentic curries, reminding you of the variety found in Nottingham’s halal food options? Try curry and kebab for their mouthwatering dishes. Enjoy your late-night food plans by savouring their dishes.


Enjoy their cheeseburger and falafel wraps. Their lamb seekh and chicken masala are just finger-licking good.

Relish their halal curries and kebabs. It’s a halal restaurant offering halal food options.

Suppose it offers delivery and takeaway services. It doesn’t have any space for dining in. Enjoy your food in the comfort of your home.

2. Falafel Guys- Famous For Falafel

Are you in a hurry? Grab a quick and tasty meal from Falafel, guys. Enjoy dine-in, delivery and takeaway services in this famous restaurant of flavours.


Falafel and Chicken shawarma are offered with a crazy taste. Salads and wraps are best for vegetarians. Dosa is a must-try for everyone.

Yes, they are halal. Muslims can enjoy their meal with complete satisfaction.

And here is the best part! They accept card payments. You can pay through your Debit cards, Credit cards, Master cards and NFC mobile payments.

Halal Nando’s Leeds

1. Nando’s Leeds- The Light

Relish the cuisine of Afro-Portuguese in the cosy atmosphere and decent decor of this Leeds restaurant, which can easily remind one of the offerings at Slough halal restaurants.


It’s a family-friendly restaurant that provides authentic flavours. They are famous for their deliciously grilled Chicken.

They offer great texture and taste of Peri Peri chicken with sauce. Chicken wings and a whole plate are a must-try if you want to eat your whole.

They serve halal food. Try their halal chicken dishes for a good experience.

You can pay in cash for your meals. Credit cards and NFC mobile payments are also acceptable.

Nando’s needs to take bookings. They accept walk-ins. Just step in, and they will serve you in no minute.

2. Nando’s Leeds- Cardigan Fields

Enjoy their delicious and famous meals in a lively atmosphere. The restaurant has excellent vibes and modern and colourful decor. Visit it to have a great dining experience. 


Grilled chicken and peri-salted chips are worth trying. Chicken platters are offered in large portions and taste good. If you satisfy your spicy cravings, order a spicy rice plate.

It’s a halal restaurant. Try their halal chicken dishes with delicious flavours.

Suppose you want to avoid dining in and want to take away your food. You can do it, as they provide takeaway services.

Halal Chinese In Leeds

1. Oriental City- Chinese Restaurant

Dim sum lovers in Leeds, rejoice! This restaurant offers an experience comparable to the best halal Chinese restaurants in London, with its authentic and uniquely tasty food.


A finger-licking Chinese restaurant that will elevate your taste buds.

This place is best recommended for dim sum. Have fun enjoying sweet and sour chicken and their beef chow fun. Remember to try their hot and sour soup in cold weather.

Yes, it’s halal-certified and has a separate menu for halal food. 

It has its car parking but is very busy. You can park your cars in the streets for free. Or you can have paid parking lots.


If you want to explore halal food places in Leeds, involve yourself in the flavours of the above-mentioned halal food spots.

They offer a diverse range of delicious halal dishes, ensuring you can enjoy a satisfying meal while exploring the different cuisines of Mumtaz Leeds, Shimla Leeds and La Cafetiere Leeds.

From flavorful Middle Eastern cuisine to mouthwatering Indian delicacies, you’ll find every taste in their restaurants and cafes.

I hope you will like the taste of their meals, so hurry and dine in with your friends and families.

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